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[ There's a pause, and the feed clicks on to show a kid in a long yellow scarf. You might have met him at the Host Club event earlier. :D There is an oddly evil-looking yet somehow adorable plush in his hands as well. He fiddles with it. ]

Has anyone seen a young boy named Pharos? He's about this tall, [ He holds his hand out. ] he wears black and white striped pajamas, he has a mole under his eye, and his eyes are blue? He's kind of pale and a little creepy? We can't seem to find him and we'd appreciate it if you could tell us if you've seen him! I'm in the park on a bench, so come find me if you know anything.

[ Another pause. ] So they've implemented like, a currency thing? How do you guys think that Nostalgia Nook place works, anyway? Do they like, take shops from back home, or do they copy them? I'm really curious about it.

Oh, and we've got a lot of new arrivals here, too! Nice to meet you guys. I'm Ryoji Mochizuki~ I hope you all settle in soon, especially the ladies. ♥

[ With a wink, the feed cuts. ]

((OOC: You can choose action even if you don't know Pharos--Ryoji is just at the park looking at the barrier and admiring the scenery. Just be aware the first thing anyone with any paranormal sense around him would sense is a huge foreboding DEATH aura. Like everything horrible and negative and NOT living and cold ever coming from this kid. Otherwise, he's just a normal derp. ;D ))
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[ The feed turns on, and a teenage boy with a long yellow scarf, suspenders, and black hair shows up. He seems pensive, and appears to be holding a plush of a certain Frost in his arms. ]

First things first. Ladies, it's your lucky day: Ryoji Mochizuki has arrived, and he has a totally free schedule. Nice to meet you. I'll be happy if you can all show me the ropes~

[ A wink and a grin; now a bit more serious, but still smiling, he presses onward. ]

Secondly! I'm curious about Vatheon. Like... how long I'll be here, and stuff... I know, I've heard there's no way out, but maybe that's being too pessimistic? It can't hurt to ask, right? And do you guys think you can tell me more about it... the ones who have been here longer, I mean. I've heard some stuff, and it's... definitely not an amusement park like I thought, haha! But I'd like to get to know everyone here, that aside. So, let's chat!

Or we can meet up in person! I'm in the Middle District, outside one of the cafés! Don't be a stranger.

[ A smile, and the feed cuts. He's not showing it, but he is actually extremely concerned. ]

(( For the curious, feel free to reply with ACTION to this and troll him and wonder why his mere presence invokes terror and feels like DEAAAATH let him chat you girls up talk to him~ ))


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