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[ For whatever reason, you've gotten Ryoji's voicemail instead of him, which means you're now hearing a pre-recorded ridiculous message playing... ]

This is the one and only Ryoji Mochizuki! Saaaaaaaadly, I'm not here at the moment. But don't weep--If you're one of my many adoring lady fans, then all you have to do is leave your name and number and I'll get back to you, beautiful, as soon as possible!

... And if you're not, then I'll get back to you after I get back to

[ Here, you can hear a girly squeal in the background. Oh, Ryoji. ]

--Hey, ladies, easy, there's plenty of me to go around~!


OOC: Please specify in the Subject Line whether it is Video, Text, or Voice, IC or OOC.

If you want to contact the mun, you can find her over at [ profile] Catphones! ]
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[ ... Ryoji saw the contact list. It... was painful for him. Probably moreso than he wanted to admit. But he needed to tell the people who DID know her, right?

So it's through a text to everyone he does so, because he isn't sure he can do a video post on this. Looks like he'll be taking care of the tarantulas, but he won't forget, or regret. They were good friends. ]

to those that knew her, Vriska-chan has gone back to the veil.
i know not all of you guys were her friend and i understand not all of you got along with her
it was kind of my hope i could help change that and i wanted to try!!!!!!!!
but i just thought you should all know, anyway.

thats it really.

[ And that's the end of the message. ]
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Filtered to the trolls (minus Gamzee), and Minato + Minako ;;  )

(( OOC: Dated to about nine or so minutes after this log, and these threads, which aren't FINISHED yet, but yeah. Posting this early. Also, yes, please, only Minato is going to find him; so IM or Plurk me if you really want to respond/want in. Akihiko, obviously, can jump in if he wants later, same with Minako, when Ryoji is probably brought back to the dorms... eventually. ))


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