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Name:望月 綾時 ☾ Mochizuki Ryōji
Location:Iwatodai, Tatsumi Port Island, Japan

we are all reflections of the world around us

Name: Ryoji Mochizuki (望月 綾時 Mochizuki Ryōji)
Age: Physically appears like a teenager, or 17.
Gender: Male.
Birthdate: Unknown, celebrates birthday April 9th.
Astrological: Aries (The Ram)
Eyes: Unnatural blue.
Hair: Black.
Arcana: Wheel of Fortune, Death.

Sleep, o peaceful ones,
For Death is a gentle soul
He does not cause harm to thee
He walks among those in Tartarus,
Bearing the burden of hatred from the mortals he adores
It is difficult for him this task he charged;
His footsteps though gentle
Prove evident that nonetheless he endures
Sleep is Death's kin,
For they share likeness, in the end --
What is Death but an eternal slumber?
Fear not, mortal soul!
Your fate is assured
Surely, one so caring and loving as He
Would send thine off most peacefully.
For he is loving
Death has done such many a time

in the water's reflection, we are all as hollow as reeds.

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