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Jan. 12th, 2011 09:56 pm
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[ Player Name ] : C-chan/Char
[ Personal LJ ] : [ profile] derpchan
[ Age ] : 18.
[ Timezone ] : Eastern (GMT -5)
[ Other Characters ] :
[ profile] first_scorned || Naoya
[ profile] guiltyguitar || Klavier Gavin
[ profile] stoleurniisan || Enjin Hiizumi
[ profile] amidstreason || Naoki Kashima

[ Character's Name ] : In western order: Ryoji Mochizuki
[ Character's Age ] : Ryoji is both ageless and young, but physically, he appears to be 17.
[ Series ] : Persona 3
[ Canon Point ] : December 15th.
[ History ] :

Over here, and here!

[ Personality ] :

... If Minato is moderation, Ryoji is anything but. In other words, every reserved trait the Protagonist, Minato Arisato has, Ryoji screams out loud and proud. He's not modest, he's never very quiet, and he's always exuberant and overly happy. When he's emotional, he's always overly so; when he is happy, he is ecstatic. When he is sad, he is drowning in sorrow. When he is angry, he's furious.

Ryoji is many things--mostly always excited--but first and foremost, if I had to describe him in one word, I would say he is a flirt. He's also pretty fearless when it comes to asking a girl out on a date. As long as they're in his age-range (hell, even above it), it really doesn't matter. Ryoji Mochizuki has no inhibitions and no fear--also no intelligence when it comes to most things.

... Well, he's not stupid, but... he is kind of a derp. He's not really all that high on the common sense scale, so to put it. He can be lured in by cute things, be them women or a kitten or a cute little plush, he'll probably be easily lured into doing anything if offered. He's somewhat like a little puppy himself: he'll pout when things don't go his way or he doesn't get what he wants, and he'll eagerly stick his nose into whatever is going on, even at the risk of revealing himself if he's trying to hide from someone. He also has a really bad habit of plotting things that get him into LOADS of trouble and not thinking them through.

For example, when the group goes to a hot springs in Kyoto, he and Junpei 'accidentally' stay in too long so they can see the girls, and Ryoji ends up nearly giving them all away simply because he wants to get a peek at them in just towels. As a result, he either gets caught or faints depending on the Protagonist's choices (if playing the male one), which kind of proves how LITTLE he plans things out. He'll think what he's doing is genius, though, because Ryoji has something of a high opinion of himself. He is hot stuff, and you'd better get him before the other ladies do! And you can be assured he has a long line; he's even got a sort of fanclub at their school. He's just that big of a deal.

In actuality, however, he isn't particularly exceptional at most things, unless the task crosses lines with his true abilities: for example, playing Whack-a-Mole without breaking a sweat or owning pretty much any sort of game in an arcade? He can do that. Passing a boring math test with ease? ... Er, not so much.

He's endlessly outgoing, and has boundless energy. He'll flirt with anything in a skirt. This is kind of proven by the fact he'll ask anyone out immediately as long as they're female... even one of the iciest women in Gekkoukan High: Mitsuru Kirijo. And then Yukari. And then he'd been prepared to ask Aigis out as soon as he locked eyes with her, although she didn't give him the chance and 'rejected' him, as he took it, from the start. This wasn't actually the case--Aigis had said he was "not good," and Ryoji took it as simple rejection.

Although now he's fully aware of this... in the beginning, he was really just a normal high school student who had less education and more girls on his mind. As we're introduced to him, there's a subtle hint that something about this kid is off, however. And this suspicion is confirmed when Ryoji is awake during the Dark Hour of December 2nd. Confronted by Aigis, who suddenly recovered the memories trapped in her circuitry, they begin to battle. Ryoji then remembers that he is not just a cheerful transfer student from overseas; that he is, in fact, Death itself, born from the union of the 12 Arcana Shadows.

Ryoji's life began in a lab, but ten years ago he escaped, wiping out the personnel and all the anti-Shadow weapons (Aigis's sister robots) in the process. There, Aigis followed him, and after a harsh battle, sealed him inside the Protagonist's body. For ten years, he (or she, depending upon which version of the game you play) carried Ryoji--Death--within them. When the Protagonist returned to Port Island, however, he awoke as 'Pharos,' drawn to his Shadows scattered across the island. However.. he also began to slowly absorb the same emotions, ideals, and things the Protagonist did by watching, learning, listening, and eventually establishing and maintaining a friendship with them. Eventually, once Pharos left Minato's body and the major Arcana Shadows were destroyed, he was 'complete,' and was placed onto Earth so that Nyx could help understand humanity; Nyx was not a malevolent being, no, she was there to answer their pleas to stop existing.

However, it was because of the friendships he would make with the Protagonist, and the things he would learn and see through their eyes that would allow some small part of him to become 'human'.

That is why Ryoji Mochizuki exists, and not just Death with a human 'form'. But this doesn't change the fact of why he was put into the world. ... Because of finding this out so suddenly, he was pretty shell shocked, and thus a side of Ryoji we never get to see before is shown: how broken he actually is. Although he TRIES to hide behind his cheerful persona and the flirtatious, happy-go-lucky nature he puts out, he is in actuality quite sad and lonely, and he desires for the Protagonist to kill him, so that when the world 'ends,' they will lose all memories of the Dark Hour before the coming of Nyx. In his mind, this is all of his fault. Ryoji, you see, has something of a complex: he blames himself for everything, because he believes it is his fault. That, perhaps if he had not existed, Nyx would not be called into this world.

Ryoji is bearing a lot of weight on his shoulders, and he has a hard time hiding this if it's brought up. Especially with the Protagonist. However, even in the end, he still smiles and wishes them the best... simply because that is how he is.

So he's a little dense, a MAJOR flirt who's attached unendingly to the hip to the male Protagonist (which is the timeline I'll be taking him from--the male route), and a bit of a derpy puppy; or like an adorable kitten who fell on its head. This is all well and good, but it doesn't change the fact he can be frighteningly serious and very, very angsty when possible. After all, his destiny is to, in a roundabout way, destroy all of mankind. Would YOU be in a good mood if you knew this? ... Didn't think so. So, instead, he masks his unhappiness with a smile and accepts his fate--there's nothing he can do, after all, but become Nyx's puppet... so he may as well wish SEES the best while they still live, and send them off with a smile.

Ryoji's arcana, in Persona 3: Portable, is the Wheel of Fortune. The traits associated with it are that of moving forward, destiny, new visions, a time of new beginnings, and synchronicity. But in the reverse, the Wheel of Fortune signifies obstacles that must be overcome, and a time in which unpleasant surprises and bad luck are abundant. Just like the Wheel turns in the negative, however, it always bounces back positive--and Ryoji eventually manages to always do just the same, much like his arcana, which shows it truly does fit him. Because in the end, that's what he's all about: positivity in the face of the negative.

[ Strengths/Weaknesses ] :
Gonna break this down nice and simple.

• He, as Death, cannot really technically die. Only the Protagonist can kill him. I'm not sure how this would translate in Vatheon, though.
• Since he isn't human, he can sense things most normal people would not; non-humans, power levels, all things like that.
• He actually has exceptional fighting capabilities in his true form, which is what the Thanatos Persona is based after. As a result we can assume he can use all the skills that Persona can, and probably more.
• Adding to above, he's probably pretty proficient and quick when he has to be. Inhuman speed and strength come with the job description.
• As shown in one cutscene, with his sheer power alone, he can create a barrier to stop any attack that would seemingly destroy whatever touches it.
• He kind of has boundless energy and never gets tired.
• ... I actually doubt he HAS to sleep or eat, but he probably still does them anyway because it's the normal human part of him who did it and, well, y'know--any form of normality.

• Emotionally, he's... very, very unstable--if his not being human is brought up, he'll try to deny it, but those wounds are still fresh and he has trouble coping with it.
• He... yeah okay, he really, really cannot lie. Almost all of his weaknesses are emotional. He lies really poorly; it's easy to tell he isn't telling the truth, even if he covers it with a smile.
• Because he isn't human, he simply EXUDES an aura of "I AM DEATH" from miles away. Anyone with even a fairly decent remote sense of it will feel he is not human, and even more that he is dangerous. And... well, he feels like death.
• ... He'll hit on anything female. Not sure if this counts but uh, yeah, that could probably get him into a bad situation.
• He's kind of got no ACTUAL combat experience, but he can still fight from instinct.
• Since he's attached to Nyx, without her he might be a little weaker than normal.
• He's a little naive and overly-trusting of people; he wants to believe, like Minato, that there is good in all of us, and that even if people are mean, they don't really mean it.
• He's overly-emotional and is prone to being kind of ridiculous and getting caught up in stuff and is easily distracted.

[ Other Important Facts ] :
... SO YEAH, DID I MENTION HE'S KINDA... DEATH? Yeah. And not human. His other form is actually Thanatos, so it could be he... either really IS Thanatos, and never uses the name directly, or he just doesn't know its name. Which is highly likely, considering I doubt... Ryoji STILL doesn't differentiate much from Pharos; his human knowledge is STILL really lacking.

And yes, while, technically speaking, he and Pharos are the same being, they are completely different people, and also completely different forms of said 'same thing'. There's really quite a difference between them. ... Even if he has a mole in the same place Pharos does, and similar black and white motif... and well, black hair and blue eyes, too.

[ Sample ] :

[ There's a pause, and the SFC turns on. On it is the face of a young man wearing an extremely long scarf, suspenders, and a white shirt. He's smiling--grinning from ear to ear, really, as he makes the broadcast. ]

Hey! I'm new here, so I'd appreciate it if all of you guys could tell me some stuff about this place. It's totally different from back home! I can't wait to explore it with Minato-kun~!

[ He seems pretty excited. But now his tone turns a bit more suave. ] And for all of you lucky ladies out there, welcome to the best day of your lives! Ryoji Mochizuki has entered your little bubble, so you'd better start making plans now, because who knows when I might be heading your way again, huh?

But don't worry, ladies: there's enough of me to go around! I can take all of you out, no problem! ♥

[ And with a wink, the feed cuts. ]


There's also these threads in my musebox if that's not creative enough for a sample, since it's kind of generic.

[ Questions? Comments? Concerns? ] : None, really. Ryoji doesn't have his full power here without Nyx anyway, so I'm sure it'll be fine.
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