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[ ... The feed clicks on to show Ryoji, lying in bed, who looks rather tired.

Very, VERY tired. Like he hasn't... been sleeping much, or he has a cold or something but has been wandering out unadvised to greet newbies ANYWAY. There's a large and tall deck of cards (... definitely not playing cards? What could they be?) in his hands. If you're observant, you just MIGHT notice he's got suspiciously long sleeves covering him versus his usual folding-them-up routine, and his hands are bandaged in some places. You may also notice... that his hair is down instead of up as usual, making him almost look like Minato, just--messier, and not so neatly parted. Of course, his hair is black, so it's easy to tell this is Ryoji.

... That, and his piercing blue eyes give him away along with his Caller ID and voice. Black feathers are strewn all over the bed; it's impossible to tell how they got there, but it is apparent he has not cleaned his room recently.

Ryoji picks his deck of Tarot cards up, then smiles with quite a bit of forced bravado into the SFC's screen. ]

Um... I know I disappeared for a long time there... I'm sorry, guys! I've been trying to get out of the dorm more, y'know, but um... stuff happened. Anyway, I actually was only gone for about three days--I went home actually... but I wanted to formally apologize to everyone... I'm still a little sick at the moment, but I'm alright now, I've gotten a lot better, really!

[ But he can't help his rushing thoughts. What if she's still here what if I'm not safe--

What if, what if, what if. Too many of those. He shakes his head, and as he does, a cute little Eevee jumps up onto the bed, and into his lap. He gives her an affectionate petting as he speaks. ]

Hey, Mizuki-chan. Anyway, I wanted to see how everyone in Vatheon is doing! It's been a long time to me, since I went home for a few days. I've been talking to the newbies at the Plaza and stuff, but still! To make up for being gone then and stuck here while I was recovering, I'm offering to give everyone Tarot card readings, if you like! Just basic things at the moment, of course--and I'm not promising, say, predictions of the future or anything, but it could be fun!

[ He smiles a little wider, giving the screen a wink. ]

Oh, and newbies: hi, I'm Ryoji Mochizuki. It's nice to meet you. I hope we can be friends! ♥


... Hey. How... is everyone? I, um... I never really spoke to any of you much lately since... well... y-you guys know what happened... January and stuff.


Um, hi! My name is Ryoji. We're from the same world, right? You and Junpei-kun are friends, aren't you? And you're a Persona-user like the rest of SEES, from what I understand? I'd... like to talk to you, if that's okay. I heard you were here, and, well... I thought maybe we could be friends, since I'm sort of not a Persona user or anything.

[ With this, the feed cuts.

ooc: Dorm mates are free to Action reply if you want! Have at it. Replies may be slow if your character asks for a reading; I'll be doing them by hand myself, so yeah. And well, y'know, I NEEDED AN OPEN RETURN POST... doing this while I am well enough and not in school DERP ]
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